How Do You Adopt a Sloth?

adopt-sloth Credit: Kevin Schafer/Photolibrary/Getty Images

A sloth can be adopted through the World Animal Foundation's website by filling out the necessary information and paying the fee. Other organizations that arrange for sloth adoptions include the Lincoln Park Zoo and the National Wildlife Federation.

After adopting a sloth, the adopter receives a kit or package. The contents of the kit depend on the package chosen and the organization through which the adoption is finalized. The World Animal Foundation sloth adoption kit includes a photo of the sloth, a certificate, a fact sheet and information cards on how to help animals. Other packages include calendars, photo frames and plush animals. Sloth adoptions help to preserve these animals, which are threatened by habitat loss and deforestation.

The sloth is characterized by the way it hangs from tree limbs and moves slowly. It lives such a sedentary life that algae grows in its fur. Part of the reason for its sluggishness is its low metabolism and limited muscle tissue. It feeds primarily on leaves and the occasional insect, a diet which does not provide much nutritional content or energy. After feeding a sloth generally takes a month to digest its food completely. Despite its laid-back lifestyle, the sloth can protect itself by using its sharp claws.