How Do You Adopt Russian Blue Kittens for Free?


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The Kittens for Adoption website has listings for free Russian Blue kittens. The site lists the kittens by age and location, and discloses both their vaccination and sterilization status.

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Russian Blue kittens have a compact body like a Persian, but with the curves of a Siamese. They are best known for their coat color, which is technically gray but is considered blue on a cat. The fur is tipped in silver, giving the Russian blue a glistening appearance. They often have bright green eyes, and their ears are large with tips that point. Their tails are longer than most cats, but they do not look out of place, thanks to their long, sleek bodies.

Russian Blue kittens are affectionate with their families, but generally pick one person as their favorite companion and shy away from strangers. They are a hardy breed, not predisposed to any genetic illnesses, and can be expected to live between 10 and 15 years.

Russian blue kittens do well with animal companions, particularly dogs, and they are tolerant of cat savvy children. While they are not outwardly playful, they are teachable. Russian blue kittens are known to quickly learn how to play fetch and retrieve objects. They are prone to shedding and require multiple brushings per week, as well as regular dental care.

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