How Do You Adopt Puppies for Free in Syracuse, New York?

How Do You Adopt Puppies for Free in Syracuse, New York?

Craigslist and are good sources for finding individuals who are giving away puppies for free in Syracuse, New York. Another source to try is, the largest non-profit animal adoption website in North America, as of 2015.

There are numerous animal rescue shelters in Syracuse and the Central New York area that have puppies available for adoption for a minimal adoption fee. As non-profit businesses, animal shelters rely on donations and adoption fees to cover the costs of housing, feeding and providing medical care for animals.

Adoption fees can also include spaying/neutering, vaccinations and flea treatments. Some adoption fees include a certificate redeemable at a local veterinarian for the pet's first examination. These are expenses owners would otherwise pay for themselves.

The adoption fee for shelter dogs varies based on the age and breed of the animal. For example, charges adoption fees of $330 for puppies under 6 months old and $255 for dogs age 1 year and older. The Central New York SPCA, at, charges $180 for dogs, $205 for puppies and $350 for purebred dogs.

Shelter adoptions typically require prospective owners to be at least 18 years of age and to provide photo identification. Requirements for adoptions through private individuals vary, with some requiring nothing of prospective owners, and others making arrangements to preview the pet's new home or requesting to have ongoing visits with the puppy.