How Do You Adopt Free Puppies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania?


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The most likely chance of finding a free puppy in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is by searching local Craigslist ads, newspapers and websites such as pennlive.com, states freepuppy.info. You need to look at each specific ad carefully because often, the information appears to show the puppy is free, when in fact there is a price requested.

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Many people think of the ASPCA when considering adopting a free new puppy or dog, but there is a required fee for its adoption package starting with puppies for about $214.81 as of 2015, with an additional $50 charge for out-of-state adoptions.

AdoptAPet.com is a nationwide nonprofit website that locates puppies in your local area and offers a manual on adoption along with extensive information, including picking the best breed to match with you, tips on training and raising a healthy, happy puppy. You are directed to either an animal rescue or shelter facility near you, each one having its own requirements and generally charging a fee for things such as vaccinations and implant chips.

Applications and contracts are often required when adopting a puppy; this too varies between each facility. A likely way to find a free puppy in Harrisburg or anywhere else is by continuously checking local ads and finding somebody whose dog has had a litter. Otherwise, a fee is generally required whether the puppy comes from a shelter or rescue facility.

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