How Do You Adopt a Pot Belly Pig?


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If local zoning laws allow the ownership of a pot-bellied pig, begin the adoption process through a reputable organization such as the Pig Placement Network or Pig Harmony. However, adopting a pot-bellied pig first requires understanding the zoning laws that are applicable.

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How Do You Adopt a Pot Belly Pig?
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The zoning laws in many areas allow pot-bellied pigs as an exception to the common ban on owning farm animals, because pot-bellied pigs are considered to be companion animals. Adopting a pot-bellied pig requires research and conviction though, as pigs that are adopted and then abandoned by their owners typically do not fare well in municipal shelters. These pigs are often auctioned off or destroyed soon after arrival. Specialized pig shelters are often overcrowded.

The Pig Placement Network is a non-profit organization that is devoted to educating pig owners, veterinarians, shelters and the general public about the ownership and care of pot-bellied pigs. The Pig Placement Network rescues unwanted or abused pigs and places them in loving homes. Pot-bellied pigs bond quickly with their human companions, and the emotional duress of any long separation can lead to depression in the animal. It is therefore vital to contact the adoption agency as soon as possible if the pig is no longer wanted.

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