How Do You Adopt a Pomsky?


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To find a pomsky for adoption, check local shelters and online pet adoption websites such as AdoptaPet.com and PetFinder.com. Fill out an application to adopt the dog and sign the contract once approved.

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To find a pet using AdoptaPet.com and PetFinder.com, input the desired age, type, breed, color and gender of the dog. Enter your location and select a distance radius to find matching shelters. Search results often feature the name, picture, breed and location of the dog. Click an image to view the detailed description of the dog and the adoption process required by the agency. Visit multiple shelters to find the perfect fit, as dog adoption is a commitment that often lasts more than a decade.

Submit an application for the desired dog and wait for approval. Some dogs have waiting lists for adoption. Learn the terms of the adoption contract and sign to finalize the adoption. Contract terms vary widely depending on the shelter, but usually include an adoption fee and required medical care. As of 2015, adoption fees are usually between $100 and $300 for reputable adoption agencies.

The Pomsky breed is a mix between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian. Pomskies are considered a designer breed that can have a lot of variation. Most Pomskies have soft, long coats in a mixture of white, gray and black. Most full-grown Pomskies weigh around 15 pounds, although some can grow up to 30 pounds.

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