How Do You Adopt a Pocket Puggle From a Rescue Organization?


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To adopt a pocket puggle from a rescue organization, contact pug, beagle and puggle rescues in your area, and use the search function on Petfinder.com to locate rescue dogs. A puggle is a cross between a pug and a beagle. A pocket puggle is an especially small puggle, typically weighing under 15 pounds. As of 2016, PugglesRule.com suggests searching Petfinder for pugs, because its search results include pug mixes such as puggles.

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A number of rescues for pugs and pug mixes exist, and each has its own set of adoption rules. Once you find a dog you wish to adopt, contact the rescue, and follow its guidelines. It may ask you to fill out an adoption form and other paperwork, and it may invite you to meet the dog in person. Most rescues charge an adoption fee that covers the cost of rescuing and fostering the dog. Some rescues require interviews and home inspections before adopting out a dog.

When looking for a dog to adopt, consider whether you want a puppy or an adult dog. Adults are easier to find in rescues, and many rescues offer training and other services. Before adopting a puggle, research the breed, and ensure the dog is a good fit for your household. Most puggles are high-energy pets that prefer to be with active families. They have the prey drive of a beagle and the affectionate nature of a pug.

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