How Do You Adopt a Pet in Indiana?


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Pet adoption in Indiana varies depending on the animal rescue center or shelter. The process typically involves browsing through the available pets for adoption online or at the shelters, filling out an application form and completing an adoption interview. The Humane Society of Indianapolis also requires prospective pet adopters to be at least 21-years-old and pay an adoption fee that varies depending on the type of pet.

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The following steps describe how to adopt a pet from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. To find pets from other animal rescue centers and shelters in Indiana, go to www.petfinder.com and use the search tool on the homepage.

  1. Visit the shelter
  2. The Humane Society of Indianapolis requires that the adoption process be conducted in person. Visit the center to view available pets for adoption. Picture of animals available for adoption are also posted on the organization's website.

  3. Read the kennel card
  4. Read the information on the animal's kennel card carefully, as the pet may have adoption restrictions.

  5. Take the kennel card to the adoption lobby.
  6. Only animals with colored (as opposed to white) kennel cards are available for adoption.

  7. Fill out an application form
  8. Fill out an application form and prepare for an interview from the adoption counselor.

  9. Pay the adoption fee
  10. Adoption fees range from $20 to $250 dollars depending on the type of pet. There is also a non-refundable hold fee of $30 dollars to give prospective owners 24 hours to decide whether or not to go through with the adoption.

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