How Do You Adopt a Parrot?


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To adopt a parrot, you must first initiate the adoption process at a bird or animal rescue organization. This usually entails an interview or application process, meeting parrots to decide which one to adopt, paperwork and finally taking the parrot home. Multiple visits may be necessary depending on the shelter, such as RoseBerry Bird Rescue, which typically encourages three visits before reaching a final decision.

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How Do You Adopt a Parrot?
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The interview process includes basic questions including family dynamic, living situation and the type of parrot desired. After choosing a parrot during the selection process, you should spend time becoming acquainted with the bird. Representatives will discuss with you whether or not the parrot is a right fit in addition to details regarding its habits, personality and medical history. If you do not buy a cage from the rescue organization, you may need to bring a prospective cage in for inspection before finalizing the process. This is to make sure that the cage, where the parrot spends most of its time, is functional, is safe and provides enough room. Once the application process passes and you pay any associated fees, you are free to take home the parrot. The adoption organization may call in the subsequent weeks to check on the bird's welfare.

Parrots have life spans of up to 50 years or more depending on the species, so prospective adopters should be fully committed. Additionally, parrots are very social and have heavier emotional requirements than most pets. They also require specialized veterinary care.

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