How Do You Adopt Old English Bulldogs From a Rescue Organization?


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While old English bulldogs belonged to an already extinct dog breed, breed-specific rescues offer adoptable English bulldogs, a breed that is a relative of the Old English bulldogs. Some rescues may also have adoptable rescued Olde English bulldogges, a new breed of bulldogs registered with the United Kennel Club in 2014. To adopt an English bulldog, contact a rescue organization that specifically features the breed and ask if the group has adoptable dogs available.

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Most bulldog rescue groups, such as the Bulldog Rescue Network and Bulldogge Rescues, require interested adopters to fill up an application form that requires some personal information. The application form also includes questions regarding your expectations regarding a rescued bulldog, dwelling, household members and lifestyle. Bulldogge Rescues requires interested applicants to pay an application fee.

The group processes the application and tries to find a dog that perfectly matches the information you provided on the application form. Once a match is found, you may visit the facility or the dogs’ foster family. Some rescue groups may bring the dog instead into your home through a representative to observe your and your family’s interaction with the animal. Depending on the policy of the rescue group, the dog may be left in your care for a short period of time as a trial period and to help the dog adjust easily to a new living condition.

Once you submit all the necessary documents, pay the adoption fee that usually covers the cost of neutering/spaying, vaccinations, medical treatments and microchipping.

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