How Do You Adopt a Munchkin Cat?

One of the best ways to adopt a Munchkin cat is through reputable rescue sites. Among the best-known rescue sites are,, and

Munchkin cats, which are short-legged, are not as readily available as the longer-legged, short-haired domestic cats. Since this is the case, your local animal shelter may only have a small number, if any, of this fairly new breed. By using the national websites, you can see photos online of Munchkin cats that are available for adoption in your local area, as well as nationally, of different age groups and both genders.

Each of the websites usually shows more than one photo of each particular pet, tells about its health, energy and activity level, and informs you as to what vaccinations the cat has received. You get an idea of the pet's personality as well as learn if it gets along with other cats, dogs and/or children, and whether it has any particular quirks.

The online sites offer a wealth of information on the adoption process, as well as information about what should be expected in the first days after adoption. Also, you can learn why adoption fees differ in rescue groups and shelters and find out what the fees actually cover.