How Do You Adopt Kittens Using Petfinder?


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Adopt kittens through Petfinder by searching for your location and preferred breed, age and gender of cat. Next, contact the rescue group or shelter listed on the specific advertisement for the kitten you want. It then arranges for you to meet the animals and adopt them, if approved.

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How Do You Adopt Kittens Using Petfinder?
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Kittens may be listed on Petfinder as a litter or as individual pets. The shelter or rescue group posting with Petfinder can decide whether to allow adoption of multiple kittens by a single owner.

Petfinder submits each adoption request to the sponsoring pet rescue organization, but it does not guarantee approval to adopt the chosen animal nor does it place the animal on hold. In order to follow through with the adoption process, a prospective cat owner must wait to be contacted by the rescue organization to whom he submitted a request. Once he meets the cat and decides to adopt, the organization or shelter then verifies, according to its specific criteria, that he can provide a loving home and sufficient care for the cat. Some organizations collect adoption fees, require proof of veterinarian visits or schedule follow-up visits to verify that the adopted animal is safe and healthy in its new home.

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