How Do You Adopt a Kitten?


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The best way of adopting a suitable kitten is to visit reputable shelters and rescues and select an animal whose personality and activity level fit into the household. Good shelters and rescues screen would-be owners to find a good match between human and cat and have return policies.

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How Do You Adopt a Kitten?
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Adopting a kitten is a commitment lasting the lifetime of the cat, so it pays to take time to select the right cat and prepare for her homecoming by cat-proofing the home and buying needed supplies. At a minimum, a new kitten needs food and water dishes, a litter box, a scratching post, grooming supplies and a safe place to sleep. If possible, food should be the same type and brand that the kitten had been eating before adoption. The kitten also needs a veterinary appointment within a week of coming home to check for health problems and ensure that vaccinations are up-to-date.

Introducing the new kitten to the household should be a gradual process, especially if there are other pets in the home. It's best to confine the newcomer to a small room at first and let her get used to that space before letting her explore other parts of the house. Owners should supervise meetings between the new kitten and other pets until they are used to each other.

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