How Do You Adopt a Goat From an Animal Rescue Organization?


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To adopt a goat from an animal rescue organization, you need to fill out an application, visit and met the goat, submit necessary documents and pay an adoption fee. You may visit the website of the rescue, if applicable, and check its adoption guide. Most rescues require interested adopters to fill out an application form to evaluate your preferences and ability to take care of the rescued goat.

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Some animal rescue organizations, such as Bestfriends.org, require potential adopters to complete a goat/sheep adoption survey. Visit its adoptable goat’s page and include the name of the goat you are interested in adopting on the survey. After evaluating the information you provided on the survey, a staff from Bestfriends.org may contact you on the phone to discuss your chosen goat’s characteristics and special needs. With your consent, a representative from the rescue may conduct a home check to ensure that your home and yard are suitable for taking care of a rescued goat.

Some rescues that do not have dedicated websites post adoptable goats on pet adoption advertisement sites, such as Adoptapet.com and Petfinder.com. The advertisement sites usually include basic information about the goat, such as rescue history, age, gender, characteristics and special needs. More information regarding the adoption process, and the adoption fees may also be provided on the site.

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