How Do You Adopt a German Shepherd Rescue Dog in Ohio?


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To adopt a German shepherd rescue dog in Ohio, start by locating an adoptable German shepherd in the state or region. Fill out the adoption application, and meet with the rescue group, and then pay the adoption fee, and take the dog home.

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One of the easiest ways to locate adoptable German shepherds in Ohio is to search on Petfinder.com, which lists adoptable dogs at various rescue groups and allows you to search by breed and location. Breed rescues are also a good option. The American Kennel Club Rescue Network lists some German shepherd rescues, and you can also contact local breed and kennel clubs for information.

Local all-breed shelters also often have German shepherds available for adoption. Vsit city and county shelters in your area. Many also list their adoptable dogs on their own websites and on Petfinder.com.

The adoption process may vary depending on the organization, but generally it involves an interview to make sure you are capable of handling a large, high-energy breed such as the German shepherd. The rescue or shelter staff also inform you about any behavioral or health issues your chosen dog may have. Some private rescues may do a home visit to make sure the dog is going to a safe environment. Adoption fees also vary depending on the organization, with city and county shelters generally being less expensive than private rescues.

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