How Do You Adopt a Dog From a Wheaten Terrier Rescue?


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Wheaten terrier rescue adoptions typically involve filling out an application form, home checks and reference checks. In many cases, a donation fee is also required upon successful adoption of a Wheaten terrier.

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The first step of the dog adoption process for any Wheaten terrier rescue is to complete an application form to register interest in a particular dog. In some cases, the rescue organization will try to find a dog that is suitable for the family requesting an adoption rather than having the potential owner choose the dog. This is the case with the Midwest Wheaten Rescue.

Once the application is processed, home checks, background checks and reference checks are sometimes undertaken by the rescue center. Both the Wheaten Terrier Rescue organization and Midwest Wheaten Rescue look at vet records of past and current dogs of the potential owner. Home checks are typically carried out by volunteers or employees of the rescue organization, or those affiliated with it, to determine whether the home is a suitable environment for a potential terrier.

The last step, once all the paperwork is completed, is to organize the pickup of the adopted animal and pay required adoption fees. Adoption fees typically cover the cost of spaying and neutering, vaccinations and vet checks. In most cases the adopters will have to travel to the rescue to pick up the dog, especially in long-distance cases.

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