How Do You Adopt a Dog From a PAWS Agency?


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The adoption procedure varies for each PAWS agency, though most agencies require interested adopters to fill out and submit online applications and pay a visit to their shelter or facility. It must be noted that not every PAWS agency is affiliated with each other and the actual meaning behind the acronym “PAWS” may differ by organization.

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PAWS.org, an animal welfare group based in Lynnwood, Washington, is a non-profit organization that offers adoptable dogs currently cared for in its facilities. The group recommends that interested adopters check the adoptable dogs on their website before visiting their shelter. The Dog Adopter Survey is available for download on PAWS.org.

The shelter visit typically lasts for just 15 minutes, though the adopters may have to wait for other adopters to finish their visits first before one can meet the dog. All adopters must be at least 18 years old and have a valid picture ID or driver’s license. If PAWS.org approves of the adoption, the adopter needs to pay the adoption fee and sign an adoption contract before taking the adopted dog home.

Pets Are Worth Saving Chicago is another PAWS organization that has adoption centers in Lincoln Park and North Shore. It is a separate agency from PAWS.org but is also a non-profit organization. Similar with PAWS.org, PAWS Chicago requires interested adopters to complete an adoption survey in order to evaluate the adopter’s preference and match it with an adoptable dog cared for by the organization. The adoption process also includes meeting the dog of choice, undergoing an adoption counseling with an animal adoption counselor and providing all the necessary documents and fees.

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