How Do You Adopt a Dog From a Maltipoo Rescue?

How Do You Adopt a Dog From a Maltipoo Rescue?

The adoption process from Maltipoo rescues varies by organization, but many require an application process and adoption fee. Some organizations also require an interview to complete the adoption process.

To adopt a Maltipoo from a rescue organization, such as FurKids:

  1. Locate an organization and pup
  2. Many organizations offer adoption services for rescue dogs on local or national levels. Identify a nearby organization and search available dogs.

  3. Complete the application
  4. The application for FurKids is available under the Dog Adoptions and Application tabs. Complete all required information on the application and submit.

  5. Complete the process and pay fee
  6. An adoption counselor from FurKids typically contacts applicants within 24 to 72 hours upon completion by phone or e-mail. Complete necessary steps outlined by the adoption counselor and pay the adoption fee.