How Do You Adopt a Doberman Puppy?

How Do You Adopt a Doberman Puppy?

How Do You Adopt a Doberman Puppy?

The Doberman Pinscher Club of America recommends finding a reputable local Doberman rescue. Seek a referral to a local rescue group from local animal control, humane society personnel or from local Doberman owners.

  1. Fill out an application

    Most Doberman rescues require potential adopters to fill out a detailed application. It may ask questions about the prospective living conditions of any adopted dog, your qualifications to own a Doberman and your prior history of dog ownership. Most reputable rescue organizations send a volunteer out to perform a home inspection to ensure that the dog's future home is suitable.

  2. Ask questions about the rescue group

    A reputable rescue is transparent about each dog and tries to place dogs only in suitable homes. A rescue also stands by the contract and offers help to the new owner if needed. To ensure you are working with a reputable rescue agency, ask questions about how long the group has been operating, what its legal status is and how many dogs it deals with each year.

  3. Ask questions about the potential dog

    A detailed history of the potential dog should be provided by the rescue organization, including any known behavioral or health issues.

  4. Pay a fee

    Most rescues ask that adopters pay an adoption fee. The fee is used to cover some of the organization's expenses. The adoption fee should be less than the usual purchase price of a purebred quality puppy from a breeder, but it's more than the adoption fee at a public shelter or animal control facility.