How Do You Adopt Cornish Rex Cats?

How Do You Adopt Cornish Rex Cats?

Animal rescue centers and shelters may have different processes when it comes to adoption. However, the adoption process will usually involve visiting the shelter, filling out a pet application form, completing an adoption interview and paying an adoption fee. To search for an adoptable Cornish Rex, use the search tool on websites such as Petfinder and then visit the facility that is caring for the cat.

The Cornish Rex is an unusual breed of cat with distinctively large ears and short textured coat. The breed originated from Cornwall, England, and was further mixed with Siamese, Burmese and British domestic shorthair cats, notes the Cat Fancier's Association (CFA).

The following shows how to search for adoptable Cornish Rex cats using Petfinder and how to proceed with the adoption.

  1. Go to the Petfinder website
  2. Point a Web browser to the Petfinder website.

  3. Start searching
  4. On the Petfinder home page, enter the city or ZIP code in the location field to narrow down the search to a particular area. Select "Cat" from the Type section and then "Cornish Rex" on the Breed section. Use the filters for Age, Gender, Temperament and Characteristics to narrow down the search further.

  5. Select and make a note of potential cats
  6. Take down the notes of the cats that may be adopted including its microchip ID number, name and the shelter that is caring for it.

  7. Visit the shelter
  8. Visit the facility that is housing the cat and follow the procedures to complete the adoption process.