How Do You Adopt a Cavalier Puppy Rescue?


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To adopt a Cavalier King Charles spaniel puppy from a rescue, first locate an adoptable puppy in a breed rescue or other legitimate rescue organization. Next, fill out an application and meet the organization's requirements, and then take your new puppy home.

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Cavaliers, more properly known as Cavalier King Charles spaniels, are a popular breed of small dog. They may also be available in all-breed rescues or shelters on occasion. Adoption websites such as Petfinder.com can be a good way to search for Cavaliers in your area. You can also simply contact a reputable breed rescue or two and work with them. Puppies are generally less common than adult dogs, so it is a good idea to consider an older dog or be willing to wait some time to find a puppy.

Once you have located a suitable puppy or a trustworthy breed rescue, start the adoption process. While this varies depending on the specific organization's policies, generally you need to fill out an application to show that you meet its requirements and are capable of caring for the dog. If you rent your home, the rescue is going to ask you for proof that your landlord allows dogs. You then generally have to meet the dog in person and might be required to introduce it to all the people and dogs in your home. Finally, pay the adoption fee and take your puppy home.

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