How Do You Adopt a Cat From an Animal Shelter?


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To adopt a cat from an animal shelter, first think about what kind of cat you want to have. Consider things like gender, age, size and personality. Once you have an idea of what sort of cat you want, begin looking for a good match at local shelters.

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How Do You Adopt a Cat From an Animal Shelter?
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Each shelter has its own requirements for adoption. You might need to submit an application or have an interview, and you should interact with the cat to be sure it is a good fit. Most shelters have an adoption fee, which may vary depending on the age and breed of the cat. If you rent your home or apartment, you may need to bring a letter from your landlord saying pets are allowed in your home.

Before your new cat comes home, prepare the space for it. Purchase the necessary supplies, including cat food, a litter box and litter. The shelter may tell you if your cat prefers certain types of food or litter. You could also purchase optional items like a cat bed, scratching post or toys. Cat-proof your home by removing items the cat may chew on and picking up small items the cat may try to eat.

Introduce your new cat slowly. Instead of letting the cat roam the house, keep it in a single room or area until it becomes more comfortable. Make sure the cat has easy access to food, water, a litter box and a comfortable place to sleep, and allow the cat to interact with your family members at its own pace.

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