How Do You Adopt a Bunny?


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After assessing your ability to care for a bunny and determining the best bunny for your lifestyle, locate a suitable bunny from a local shelter, rabbit rescue group or individual. Shelters and rabbit rescue groups are good options for obtaining a bunny due to the large numbers of bunnies put up for adoption. Be prepared to pay a small fee to adopt a bunny and to answer questions about your ability to care for it.

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Prior to searching for a bunny to adopt, conduct research to learn how to care for a bunny. Caring for a bunny requires significant time and money, so be realistic about your ability to care for a bunny before committing to adopting one. Further, individual bunnies have different personalities, so consider what type of temperament best complements your household.

Next, identify a local shelter or bunny rescue organization in your area. Locating a suitable bunny should be easy, as many shelters and bunny rescue organizations are filled to capacity. Additionally, there are many individuals seeking to find homes for bunnies they are no longer able to keep. Adopting a bunny from a rescue organization is particularly advantageous, as the rescue organization's staff often trains and socializes the bunnies. The rescue organization's staff also ensures that bunnies are spayed or neutered as a matter of course.

Finally, once you have located a suitable bunny, be prepared to pay an adoption fee and to answer questions regarding your suitability to adopt a bunny. These requirements are to screen individuals who may not be equipped to care for a bunny or who would harm the bunny.

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