How Do You Adopt an Animal Through the SPCA?


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Each local SPCA has its own adoption procedures, but in most cases, the potential adopter must complete an application and pay an adoption fee. Sometimes potential adopters must undergo an interview or agree to a home visit.

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Once a potential adopter has identified a pet he wishes to adopt, he completes the application provided by the organization. This may be a paper or an online application and will likely ask such things as the number of people in the household, their ages and the amount of time they spend at home. It will likely ask if the adopter has any previous experience with pets, whether or not other pets are present in the home, where the adopter plans to keep the new pet and how he plans to undertake any necessary training or veterinary care. The adopter may need to list personal and veterinary references.

There is often an adoption fee when adopting from the SPCA, which varies according to the type of animal and its age. Depending on the organization, the fee may cover spaying/neutering, initial vaccines and microchipping. The fee may also cover blood work, a collar and leash and/or pet carrier, a veterinarian visit, initial treatment for certain parasites, and free or discounted training and pet care workshops.

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