How Do You Adopt an Animal From Lollypop Farm?

How Do You Adopt an Animal From Lollypop Farm?

Adopted from Lollypop Farm by going to any one of the five locations. Available animals can be previewed on the Lollypop Farm's official website. The website is updated on a continuing basis, as of 2015.

Before adopting a pet, there are some requirements that need to be met. You must be at least 21 years old, have a valid photo ID, be allowed to have a pet at their place of residence and be willing to provide training and proper care for the animal.

The adoption process begins by completing an adoption questionnaire. The questionnaire can be picked up at the adoption counter. The website also has a printable copy, which can be completed prior to visiting

Lollypop Farm.

After completing the form, it is time to choose the pet(s) that you would like to meet. After viewing the pets, write down the number of the pet(s) that are being considered. An adoption counselor will meet with you to discuss the choices that were made. If you are unsure about which pet to adopt, the counselor can assist in the choice. Generally, the chosen pet can go home with the adopting family the same day.

Adoption fees vary depending on the type of animal, the animal's age and the desirability of the animal. The website contains a list of the different fees. The adoption fee includes spaying/neutering, all vaccinations, various tests, microchip, small animal carrier and training advice.