How Do You Adopt an American White Shepherd?

How Do You Adopt an American White Shepherd?

To adopt an American White Shepherd you need a computer with Internet access, a phone and money. The time it takes to complete the process varies, depending on how quickly you find a shelter that has this specific dog breed.

  1. Locate shelters and rescue groups

    Use a computer with Internet accesses to search for local dog rescue groups and shelters that have American White Shepherds available for adoption. Rescue groups and shelters often provide information relevant to the dogs they have available.

  2. Choose a dog carefully

    The first dog you find is not always the right dog. Choose your dog carefully by visiting with more dogs than just the first one you find.

  3. Fill out an application

    Most shelters and rescue groups require an application to help ensure the dogs are being placed into good "forever" homes. Fill out the required application.

  4. Sign a contract

    Once an application is accepted, a contract is often presented. Read the contract carefully before you sign it and give it back to the worker.

  5. Pay adoption and related fees

    Fees related to pet adoption are often required to help with the cost of services, such as feeding and spaying and neutering of incoming dogs.