What Do Adelie Penguins Eat?


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Adélie penguins primarily eat amphipods, fish and krill. Adélie penguins are medium-sized penguins that live in Antarctica. The white ring that surrounds their eyes distinguishes them from other penguins.

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Antarctic krill, also known as Euphausia superba, are a major source of the diet of the Adélie penguin. They will search for food at between three to 98 meters in the upper water column of the ocean. Adélie penguins are great swimmers, even at long distances, and will often travel far to find food. Shorter foraging trips can take between 15 and 25 hours, while longer trips can be as lengthy as 65 hours. The shorter trips may allow the penguin chicks to feed on a more regular basis. Longer trips keep the adult penguins in shape, and may be necessary if food is scarce.

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