What Are Adaptations of the Red Wolf?

Adaptations of the red wolf include mechanisms to stay cool in warm climates, as well as the ability to survive heartworm disease, according to the Florida State University Habitat Tracker. Red Wolves are an endangered species that is native to the southeastern United States, but populations can be found in North Carolina as well.

To stay cool when warm weather hits, the red wolf will molt, which causes its heavy coat to fall off and a new, lighter one to grow back. The red wolf's large ears also help release heat and cool the animal down in hot climates. Heartworm is a disease commonly seen in domestic animals like dogs and cats, as well as wolves. Heartworm disease among red wolves has been studied in comparison to dogs, and research shows the mortality rates to be lower than that of dogs, pointing to a red wolf adaptation against the disease, as stated by Florida State University Habitat Tracker.