What Is an Acei Cichlid?


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Acei cichlids are a type of Malawi cichlid, originating from Lake Malawi in Africa. A member of the Mbuna cichlid group, acei cichlids are less aggressive than many other species and are much easier to keep in a mixed aquarium.

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The acei cichlid, also known as the yellow-tail acei, are freshwater fish. To keep them as healthy as possible, it is important to provide the right water quality and mimic their natural habitat as closely as possible. This Malawi cichlid is a schooling fish that flourishes when there are at least three in the aquarium, and acei cichlids tend to favor rocky, sandy environments with plenty of rocks and driftwood that are easily accessible.

Reasonably docile, the yellow-tail acei does have teeth but feeds predominantly on algae and plant matter and rarely engages in biting at other fish. However, they protect themselves and can, with some smaller species, exhibit dominance. These freshwater fish are very popular with fish keepers because of their calm demeanor and attractive coloring. They sport a variety of bright colors, from electric blue to deep violet, and feature bright yellow to cream coloring on the tail. They prefer a pH of above eight and a temperature range of 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit.

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