What Is an Abyssinian Guinea Pig?


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An Abyssinian guinea pig is similar to a common guinea pig, except the Abyssinian guinea pig has rosettes. Rosettes are cowlicked patches of fur that cover the body of the animal. Many Abyssinian guinea pigs have 10 rosettes, but some only have eight. These animals range in color, and they have silky, shiny fur, unlike common guinea pigs, which typically have rough, short fur.

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What Is an Abyssinian Guinea Pig?
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Abyssinians are great family pets, but they are very vocal and require a lot of attention. This breed is known for displaying mischievous behavior, such as destroying cages. This behavior can be prevented by making sure the guinea pig has toys available at all times. It's also important to provide the guinea pig with daily floor time. Abyssinians can be litter box trained. They can also be trained to respond to commands. Some can even learn how to get into their cages unassisted.

When choosing between different breeds, it is crucial to consider all traits of each breed and the personality of the individual guinea pig. Research the energy level of the guinea pig, the difficulty level of training that specific breed, any common health problems that the breed may have and whether the breed is good with other pets and children. Knowing all of these details helps individuals determine which breed is the best fit for the family.

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