What Are Some 101 Tips for Newfoundland Dogs?


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According to Nylabone, Newfoundland dogs do very well in environments where they can have frequent access to water. They should only be exercised lightly when they are between their puppy and adult years to avoid placing a burden on their joints, muscles and bones. They have a thick double coat that requires continual grooming. It is best to train them with positive reinforcement tactics that focus on rewards and praise.

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DogTime warns that Newfoundland dogs should be trained as soon as possible because their large size can become a hindrance once they reach adulthood. The Newfoundland breed was originally intended to be a working dog. This trait makes them especially suited to activities that allow them to use their muscle and strength. They require frequent exercise as adults and enjoy sports. It is best to keep Newfoundland dogs in climates that do not see extreme heat, as they are at risk of heat stroke due to their insulating fur. The breed is known to drool excessively, and their coats are known for attracting dirt and debris. For these reasons, DogTime cautions people who prefer a clean environment not to adopt this particular breed.

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