What Is Y=csc(x)?


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The equation y=csc(x) is a trigonometric function that looks like repeating regular and upside down "U"s. This function can also be written as y=1/sin(x) because cosecant is the inverse of the sine function.

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The function has vertical asymptotes that repeat halfway through each period, which is 2(pi) units. Trigonometric functions are normally graphed on an x-axis and y-axis with radian units. The radian units can be converted to degrees, however, by substituting 180 for pi. So, pi/2 becomes 90 degrees, and 2(pi) becomes 360 degrees. There are five other trigonometric functions including y=sin(x), y=cos(x). y=tan(x), y=sec(x) and y=cot(x). Secant is the inverse of cosine and cotangent is the inverse of tangent.

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