How Do You Work a TI-30XA Calculator?

Work a TI-30XA calculator by learning how properly to use the 2nd function key along with the calculator memory. Furthermore, learn how to use exponents and powers and how to enter decimals, fractions and mixed numbers correctly to yield the correct answer.

The yellow button on the top left of the calculator is the "2nd" function key. Pressing this key instructs the calculator to use the function displayed above a key instead of the one printed directly on it. First hit the 2nd function key, then hit the key with the desired function printed above it to make use of it. The 2nd function key is useful for determining things like percentages and sums quickly and for incorporating exponents. It is important to note that the 2nd function key always focuses its calculation on the value entered right before the key is pressed.

Use the "a b/c" button in the left column to enter fractions or mixed numbers. The second function on this key, "d/c," can also be used to convert mixed numbers to fractions. To raise a base number to a power, use the "yx" key.

To utilize the calculator's memory function, hit the "STO" button to store a number in any one of three memory locations. Store a function or value by entering it and then hitting "STO" followed by "1," "2" or "3." To recall the number or function, hit "RCL" followed by the storage location number.