How Do You Work Out Percentages?

How Do You Work Out Percentages?

How Do You Work Out Percentages?

Percentages are found by dividing the given amount from the whole and multiplying the decimal result by 100. In most cases, you need a calculator to ensure the proper amount, especially with regards to decimal spaces.

  1. Determine the given amount

    Determine the given amount that defines the percentage that you are looking to calculate. For example, if you were given a problem statement that said seven eggs were taken out of a dozen, the given amount would be the seven eggs.

  2. Divide the given by the total

    Divide the given amount by the total to produce a decimal result. From the previous example, you would perform the following calculation: 7/12 = 0.5833. You can determine how many decimal spots you need in your calculation.

  3. Multiply the result by 100

    Multiply the decimal result by 100 to get the percentage amount. This can also be done by moving the decimal two spaces to the right. Performing either of these actions with the previous calculation produces an answer of 58.33 percent.

  4. Finding the amounts with the given percentage

    If you are given the percentage and one of the amounts, you may find the other amount by rearranging the formula. Using the previous example, if you were given the decimal and the total, you would set up the equation as follows: x/12 = 0.5833. You would rearrange the equation and solve as shown: x = 12(0.5833) = 7.