What Are Some Ways to Measure Out an Exact 45-Degree Angle?


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To measure a 45-degree angle, use a protractor, which you can find at most office supply or craft stores. Consider that a perfect circle is equivalent to 360 degrees, and divide the angle out accordingly.

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A protractor measures up to 180 degrees, with one end of the protractor reading zero degrees and the other end reading 180 degrees. To measure a 45-degree angle, place the protractor against a surface and locate the small hole, known as the origin, on the bottom center of the protractor.

The origin is aligned with the vertex of an angle for measuring. The baseline, which connects the zero-degree mark with the 180-degree mark, is parallel to the edge. Mark the origin and the baseline with a pencil. Using the numbers on the top, mark where the device reads 45 degrees. Connect the point of origin to the 45-degree mark, and connect the baseline to the point of origin.

If a protractor is not available, imagine a pizza as a full circle representative of 360 degrees. Divide 360 by 45 to reach the product of 8. This means that if the pizza is equally divided into eight slices, each slice has an angle of 45 degrees.

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