What Are Some Ways to Access Large Multiplication Charts?


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As of January 2016, a large, printable, 100-by-100 multiplication chart is available on NCalculators.com. Math-Salamanders.com offers various 10-by-10 and 12-by-12 multiplication charts; these charts are available to download in PDF format or to print.

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The 100-by-100 multiplication chart on NCalculators.com is interactive, displaying the multiplier and multiplicand that multiply to give any number on the chart when a visitor hovers over that number. For example, hovering over 24 in the 3 row results in the equation 3 x 8 = 24 appearing on the screen. Hovering over 105 in the 15 row causes 15 x 7 = 105 to appear. The numbers running along the top row and the left-most column of the chart appear in red; clicking on any of these numbers loads a smaller multiplication table for just the factors of that number.

Unlike the chart on NCalculators.com, which features the multipliers along the top of the chart and the multiplicands along the side, Math-Salamanders.com offers multiplication charts featuring each individual equation written out horizontally. Many of these charts are divided into several smaller sections for the different multiplicands. For example, the first box on one of the 12-by-12 charts features 12 equations, starting with 1 x 1 = 1 and ending with 1 x 12 = 12. The last box on the chart also features 12 equations, starting with 12 x 1 = 12 and ending with 12 x 12 = 144.

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