What Is the Way to Write Out Hundredths?

Students can write out a fractional part, such as 44/100 as forty-four hundredths, which is the word form for this fraction. Another way to express this fraction is in decimal form or 0.44. To convert fractions that have 100 in the denominator, a student can multiple the numerator by 0.01.

If a student has to convert a fraction like 3/100 to decimal form, then he multiples the 3 in the numerator by 0.01, which gives the result 0.03. To express this in word form, the student writes three hundredths. On a place value chart, the 100th place is the second position on the right side of the decimal point. The decimal 453.0875 has the digit 8 in the 100th place.

The word form is also useful for writing out mixed fractions, such as 4 35/100. In word form, a students writes this out as four and thirty-five hundredths.