What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Elementary Math Lesson Plans?

What Is the Best Way to Sell Your Elementary Math Lesson Plans?

Teachers can sell their lesson plans online by creating their own website or by using established websites, such as Teachers Pay Teachers. The best method depends on individual skills and preferences.

Many teachers sell their lesson plans through established websites, such as Teachers Pay Teachers and Teacher Lingo. These websites offer the benefit of an established customer base and can save sellers the time required to make their own website. Teachers Pay Teachers is the largest website for selling lesson plans, with over 3.4 million registered buyers and sellers as of March 2015. It offers both free accounts and premium accounts. The website charges transaction fees to users with free accounts, which decreases their profit on each product. Premium users do not have to pay the transaction fee and can also advertise on the website's homepage. As of March 2015, the premium account costs $59.95 per year.

Teacher Lingo is a smaller site than Teachers Pay Teachers. Unlike Teachers Pay Teachers, the website only has free accounts. Also, it does not give each teacher an individual webpage, but rather organizes resources by category. Like the free Teachers Pay Teachers account, Teacher Lingo takes a commission on each sale.

Teachers can also create their own websites to sell lesson plans. This method requires more time as well as the ability to advertise the site and attract customers. However, it allows teachers to keep all the profits from their sales. Mr. Perez Online Math Tutor is an example of a website run by an individual teacher that sells lesson plans.

Overall, the best way to sell lesson plans depends on technology skills and preferences. Creating a personal website requires more time and effort, but allows the seller to keep all the profits. However, using an established website requires less time and allows the seller to benefit from the website's reputation and established base of customers.