What Is the Way to Draw a Pentagon?


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To draw a perfect pentagon, a compass should be used and five equal lines should be drawn inside of a circle. A pentagon is a five-sided polygon with its internal angles totaling 540 degrees.

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Drawing a pentagon can be achieved by following these steps:

  1. Draw a circle with a compass with the diameter drawn through the middle of the circle.
  2. Next, draw a perpendicular line from the diameter, extending from the left side of the circle. Draw a circle with the diameter extending through the middle of this line.
  3. Draw an arc that touches the left circle, along the bottom of the first circle and through the first diameter.
  4. From the center of this arc, use the compass to draw a broad arc that goes through the top of the first circle.
  5. Using the markers from all of the arcs and circles, draw five even lines inside of the circle. This will finish the pentagon.
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