What Is the Way to Add Vectors Graphically?


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Vectors can be added graphically by beginning the points of the vectors in a direction that is similar to walking and allowing the points between the vectors to be the distance between them. In order for vectors to be added graphically, they must first be added mathematically to ensure that they are in the right coordinates.

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Vectors are used in a variety of mathematical situations and are often used to determine the distance that is between two points, whether the points are mathematical or graphical. The points that are in between the vectors are referred to as the resultants, meaning they are the result of the distance between two vectors. When two vectors are added together, the resultant is often a lower number or distance than the total number or distance of the vectors. To find the resultant of two vectors mathematically, the Pythagorean theory can be used. This theory involves the placement of the vectors together, multiplying each side by itself and squaring the total number that is the end result. This theory can then be used to place the vectors graphically and to check the graphical location of the vectors to ensure that they match up with the mathematical distance between the vectors.

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