How Do You Find the Volume of a Square Pyramid?

Find the volume of a square pyramid by using the formula (1/3) x A^2 x h, where A is the measurement of one side of the square base and h is the height. You need to know the values of the base and the height of the pyramid.

  1. Determine the value of the side of the base

    If you are given the value of the sides of the square base of the pyramid, use this value for A. Each side is the same length, as the base is a square.

  2. Square the value of one side

    Multiply the value of one side of the base with itself. This squares the value.

  3. Determine the height

    If you are given the height of the triangle, use that value for h. If you are only given the hypotenuse and the length of half a diagonal, use the Pythagorean theorem to determine the height.

  4. Find the volume

    Using the formula for finding the volume of a square-based pyramid, multiply the squared value of one side of the square base with the height and 1/3. For example, if the height of the pyramid is 12 centimeters and one side is 6 centimeters, then the volume is 144 centimeters cubed.