How Do You Find the Volume of a Right Cone?

How Do You Find the Volume of a Right Cone?

Finding the volume of a right cone is a simple process when you are equipped with a few linear measurements. In order to find the volume of a right cone, you need access to information about the cone, a calculator, a pencil and some paper.

  1. Determine the height of the cone

    Examine the cone for which you are calculating the volume. If the height has been provided for you, write it down. Otherwise, measure the cone to get a precise measure of its height.

  2. Determine the radius of the cone and square it

    Find the radius of the cone. Remember that the radius extends from the center of the cone out, and not from one side of the cone to the other. Once you have found the radius of the cone, multiply it by itself and write down the resulting number.

  3. Multiply both of the above numbers by one-third of pi

    Use your calculator to divide pi by three, and then multiply it by the height determined in step 1 and the squared radius from step 2. For a cleaner-looking answer, skip multiplying by pi and describe the volume as a fractional coefficient of pi; that is, multiply the height by the radius squared and divide by three, and write the resulting product next to the ? sign.