How Do You Find the Volume of a Cube?

According to Math Open Reference, the volume of a cube is calculated using the following formula: [side (in)] 3. This formula requires you to take a side measurement, convert the measurement to inches, and then multiply the side by itself two times. You need to know the lengths of the sides and their units.

  1. Take a side measurement

    Use a reliable instrument to measure the length of the cube. You only need to measure one side, since the lengths of the cube's edges are all equal.

  2. Convert the measurement into inches

    Convert the measurement of the side into inches, since the volume of the cube should be in cubic inches.

  3. Multiply the side by itself twice

    Using the basic formula for determining the volume of a cube in inches, multiply the inches of the side by itself twice. If the length of the side is S, then the volume is S x S x S. The unit of the resulting figure is cubic inches.