What Is a Venn Diagram?


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A Venn diagram is a visual tool to show relationships and difference between multiple sets of data. A Venn diagram is capable of displaying set relationships and logical relationships.

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What Is a Venn Diagram?
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Each circle in a Venn diagram represents a set. A set is typically some type of mathematical number such as positive integers, negative integers, real numbers, or rational numbers. Venn diagrams can be used with other types of sets that may not pertain to mathematics. These sets contain what are referred to as elements. For example, these set elements could be mammals, NFL football teams, universities in Michigan, or street names in California.The purpose of a Venn diagram is show relationship or lack of relationship between the sets. If set A, the first circle in the Venn diagram, contains the integers {1,2,5,6} and set B, the second circle, contains the integers {1,2,7,8,4}, the overlapping portion of the two circles would contain {1,2}. This is determined because the overlapping section of the Venn diagram contains all the integers that could appear in both sets. This area is referred to as the intersection. The area outside the intersection yet inside each set are numbers that cannot be found in both sets. In the last example, the outer area would contain the integers {5,6,7,8,4}.

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