How Do You Use the Wolfram Alpha System of Equations?


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As of 2014, the Wolfram Alpha system of equations widget can solve a system of up to four equations. Enter the equations into the widget, and click the "Submit" button. The widget then generates the values for each variable. You need a device with an Internet connection to use the widget.

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How Do You Use the Wolfram Alpha System of Equations?
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  1. Determine the number of equations

    The easiest way to determine the number of equations is to count the number of variables. If there are two variables, then enter in two equations. The number of equations is not always explicit, and other methods to determine the correct number may be required.

  2. Fill in the equation boxes

    The widget has four boxes where you can enter equations. Enter both sides of the equation, as entering only the left side causes an error. It isn't necessary to rearrange the equations into forms, such as y = mx + b. The widget rearranges them as needed.

  3. Submit the equations, and interpret the results

    Click the "Submit" button to make the widget solve for the variables. The results are displayed below the widget. The program shows the values of all the variables, along with approximations of any fractional answers. If the system of equations are linear, the widget plots the answers on a graph and displays the point of interception.

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