How Do You Use a Solar Panel Power Calculator?


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To use Free Clean Solar's solar panel power calculator, enter information about your current power bill or your home's power usage and location. The site's calculator presents the panel sizes required based on your monthly expenses, as well as the estimated savings based on solar price estimates adjusted for yearly inflation.

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The solar panel power calculator from Free Clean Solar employs a simple calculation to judge a user's panel requirements based on kilowatt hour usage. The kilowatt hour, abbreviated kWh, is printed on a regularly scheduled electric bill as a measure of how much energy the household uses each cycle.

If desired, enter your home's specific total kilowatt hour usage along with your location's solar hours, which is a measure of how much sunlight the region sees daily. Then enter the amount of money by which you hope to reduce your power bill, and click the Calculate button to see the size of solar panel system required to counterbalance that usage.

After that step, optionally add a wattage rate to calculate the total cost required to install enough solar panels. Free Clean Solar also provides shop links to purchase solar panels and kits for installing them on rooftop mounts or in other locations.

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