How Do You Use Multiplication Sheets?

Students can use multiplication sheets to practice math facts by solving each problem on the sheet and checking the answers with an answer key. Worksheets supplement math lessons by helping students memorize the times tables. A student may use multiplication worksheets during the school year to gain additional practice, or during school vacations to keep the times tables fresh in his memory.

Multiplication worksheets come in many different formats, including sheets that drill students with a number of problems. Using this type of worksheet, students may challenge themselves to solve as many problems as they can within a set time limit. This encourages a student to rely on times table memorization rather than trying to solve the problems in his head. These worksheets are available with the problems listed vertically or horizontally; they may also feature two-, three- or four-digit multiplication.

A multiplication chart is another common worksheet format. Charts may be complete, or may have blank spaces for students to fill in. The factors for each problem are listed horizontally across the top and vertically along the left side of the chart. The boxes in each column and row contain the products of the factors located above and to the left. provides worksheets with target circle puzzles. Students multiply the factor in the center of the target with the factors in the inner ring. They fill in the products for each problem in the outer ring of the target. In some cases, the outer spaces are partially completed, and students must fill in the missing products. To help younger students better visualize the multiplication process, worksheets may include illustrations of objects alongside the factors and products.