How Do You Use a Multiplication Chart?


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Use a multiplication chart by looking at the factors on the vertical row and the factors on the horizontal row in order to determine what the numbers multiplied together equal. For example, find the number five on the vertical factors and look at the different products beneath the horizontal factors to see what five times zero equals, what five times one equals, what five times two equals and so on.

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Studying a multiplication chart can help students of mathematics begin to understand patterns. It also serves to visually demonstrate mathematical theories such as the Commutative Property of Multiplication. This property reminds students that changing factors does not change the product. For example, a multiplication chart illustrates that nine times seven and seven times nine produce the same product.

The chart is also useful for helping students to visualize the squaring of numbers. For example, highlighting the factor rows of six times six creates a literal square, helping visualize learners to better understand the concept.

Regardless of how a student uses a multiplication chart, it is important to practice using it very often. It is instrumental in helping students learn to multiply two different factors, after which they are ready to practice multiplying three factors by grouping two of the three factors together via parentheses.

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