How Do You Use a Mixed Number Calculator?


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In order to use an online mixed number calculator, you must input at least two mixed numbers expressed as a whole number and a fraction. To generate a response, click the Calculate or other similar button, and then double-check the results.

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The advantage of using online mixed number calculators such as the ones available CalculatorSoup and MathPapa is that in addition to performing the calculation, they also show the mathematical proof, at least partially. For instance, if you add two mixed numbers using CalculatorSoup’s version, the application shows you the steps as it converts the mixed numbers to improper fractions, cross multiplies to establish a common denominator, adds the improper fractions and converts the answer to a proper fraction. The same basic operation works on MathPapa as well. However, the mathematical proof offered is not as complete.

Remember to double-check answers that you get from any calculator, is it’s possible for the calculator to malfunction or to type in the numbers incorrectly. For instance, in order to check that 5 3/8 is the correct answer for the equation 2 1/4 + 3 1/8, your math should tell you that the lowest common denominator for 4 and 8 is 8, and that 2 1/4 equals 18/8 while 3 1/8 equals 25/8. Adding the numerators of these improper fractions yields the fraction 43/8. Reduced to a proper fraction, the answer in mixed numbers is 5 3/8.

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