How Do You Use Mathematics in Everyday Life?

use-mathematics-everyday-life Credit: Benny Mazur/CC-BY 2.0

Mathematics are used in everyday life in baking, home decorating and buying lunch. These ordinary tasks, which are often taken for granted, are impossible without mathematics.

First, consider baking a marble cake. Any cake recipe calls for various exact measurements. Failure to adhere to a recipe's specification to use 1/2 teaspoon of salt, for instance, could ruin the entire cake. Without mathematics, measurement systems would not exist. Therefore, in a world without mathematics, a baker hoping to make a marble cake in precisely the same way she made the marble cake the week before would have a difficult task ahead of her.

Replacing living room carpet requires mathematics. Mathematics are needed to determine the dimensions of the living room, to calculate the area of the floor and to calculate the cost of the carpet.

Purchasing lunch also requires mathematics. Being able to determine the lunch bill's total after a lunch of an appetizer, drink and an entree demands basic addition skills. Moreover, without the ability to calculate percentages, leaving a tip becomes a struggle.

Finally, mathematics are very important in balancing a checkbook and making regular payments. Mathematics are needed to calculate monthly bills for cable, Internet, a mortgage, heat and air conditioning, insurance, water, student loans, car loans and much more.